About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Marcus

Jeffrey uses proprietary techniques that he’s honed for over 30 years working with world class actors and celebrities. After training at Carnegie Mellon University, he studied privately with some of the best acting teachers in New York and LA. Using skills that actors have been applying for decades, he combines this skill set with learnings from a Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing to better address deeper issues and challenges. He is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a third-level Reiki Master.

For the last ten years, he has assisted the presidents of major companies that are written about regularly in Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. This has led to counseling publicists in New York and Los Angeles and preparing celebrities for talk-show appearances. He’s assisted lawyers (and their clients!) in connecting emotionally to their cases.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wonder-dog Gracey.

Connecting to an audience is at the center of all my work.

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