I have worked with Jeffrey Marcus on numerous occasions on a wide array of speeches and presentation. In every instance, he has thoughtfully broken down the material and helped me develop techniques for delivering the information for the intended audience. Given the number and diversity of presentations I have given, his help was invaluable. His notes are always solid and constructive. And his coaching is far and away the best I have ever received. I can highly recommend working with Jeffrey.

Anne Sweeney
President Disney/ABC Television Group
Board of Trustees Mayo Clinic
Board of Directors Netflix

I’ve hired Jeffrey to coach both senior executives and talent on series for more than a decade, and in every interaction, he has tailored his efforts to each individual with stellar results. Whether prepping Chairmen for key speaking engagements or training young stars on how best to deal with the rigors of interviews, Jeffrey has always found the perfect way to approach each directly to deliver the best outcome. He is someone in whom I place a great deal of trust, and to whom I turn when I need an expert in media training.

Kevin Brockman
Executive Vice President, Global Communications
Warner Media Entertainment & Direct-To-Consumer
& Executive Vice President, Global Communications Disney/
ABC Television Group

I’m frequently asked to speak to audiences about the power of Disney music, how we create it, and how we rely on it throughout our company to enhance the experiences we design and build for our guests. At first, producing music and talking about music seem to be two entirely different things. However, working with Jeffrey, having him ground me in the core essence of my message and how best to express it, inevitably helps me to tap into the same passion and focus necessary in the recording studio and channel that energy at the speaker’s podium. His coaching is invaluable, enriching, challenging and, dare I say, thoroughly enjoyable.

Matt Walker
Executive in Charge of Music
Walt Disney Imagineering

Jeffrey’s contribution is far more valuable than training someone to perform better in front of an audience as it really starts with crafting the very words that organically come out of your mouth and tell your story most effectively. He’s a gift!

Rich Ross
Group President of Discovery Channel & Science Channel
Chief Executive Officer of Shine America
Chairman of Walt Disney Studios

Jeffrey Marcus transformed me into a confident, dynamic, charismatic speaker. After working with Jeffrey, I successfully delivered ballroom speeches, boardroom speeches and small panel presentations in Washington DC, China and all over the world.

Kelly Peña
Brand, Strategy & Consumer Insights Consultant
Former Senior Vice President, Disney Channels Worldwide
Research Department

As Chief Marketing Officer at several companies, I’ve consistently sent high potential employees to Jeffrey for coaching and development. It takes one or two sessions for attendees to demonstrate marked improvement, better confidence and keen focus. Jeffrey’s skills make for a better employee. More importantly, people take away better self-understanding which makes for a richer life experience.”

Dexter Fedor
Senior Marketing & Creative Executive
Guitar Center
Dick Cook Studios
WSS Footwear
Creative Recreation Inc.